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The straight dope on cholesterol – Part III

The straight dope on cholesterol – Part III



Previously, in Part I and Part II of this series, we addressed 4 concepts:

   #1What is cholesterol?

   #2What is the relationship between the cholesterol we eat and the cholesterol in our body?

   #3Is cholesterol bad?

   #4 How does cholesterol move around our body?

This week we’ll address the following concept:

   #5 How do we measure cholesterol?


Quick refresher on take-away points from previous posts, should you need it


  1. Cholesterol is “just” another ...
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The great medical disconnect

The great medical disconnect

There is probably no greater disconnect in medicine than the root cause of obesity.  Even if you think you already know the answer to this “obvious” question, it’s still worth reading on.  The reason this question matters, of course, is clear to everyone.  Obesity (and more broadly the syndrome we define as metabolic syndrome) predisposes us to virtually every disease afflicting us in the modern age.  Above is a simple graphic from the journal ...

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