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This is the personal blog of Peter Attia.

Between 2012 and 2015 I was the president (and co-founder) of a 501c3, Nutrition Science Initiative (NuSI). I am no longer involved directly or indirectly with, NuSI, though much of the work started during my tenure will not be finished and published until 2019 or later.

I am a practicing physician, licensed in the state of California and New York. My practice focuses on longevity (the combination of lifespan and healthspan) with a focus on nutrition, exercise physiology, sleep, stress management, endocrinology, and lipidology.

I receive speaking honorariums from organizations including hospitals and health-related businesses when I am asked to speak on longevity, metabolic related topics, athletic performance, and my personal experience.

I received, in 2012, a one-time consulting fee from the diagnostic company LipoScience to be part of an advisory team that was evaluating future risk markers for cardiovascular disease.

I am an adviser to and investor in the company Virta Health.

I work very closely with two laboratories, True Health Diagnostics and Precision Analytical. I receive neither direct nor indirect compensation from either company.

I may, from time to time, make comments on this blog regarding other products I use to supplement my diet. I receive no compensation from such companies, nor do I provide any consulting services to them.

Furthermore, I receive no “kick-backs” from any products sold, of any variety, including any books I recommend to readers.