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First, I want to start by saying thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and your desire to connect with me. I appreciate your support and feedback. This has been a personal journey for me that has rapidly transformed into a professional mission over the past two years. While the volume of interaction this blog activates continues to fuel my passion and encourage my work, it is also beginning to command more time than I am able to allow. Connecting, hearing your stories, and receiving your feedback will remain a valuable component of my life but it does require that I establish some helpful boundaries for communication.

To ensure that your inquiry is accurately handled by me and/or my close colleagues and to ensure the fastest turnaround possible, I humbly request that you carefully utilize the following forums for contact. Doing so will produce the most rapid and personal response possible.

Medical advice

I will not be able to respond, as I am not legally permitted to practice medicine over the Internet.

Speaking inquiries

Please contact me directly.

Peter Attia

Despite my aspiration to connect with each individual, given the sheer volume of inquiries I simply can’t respond to all questions. I receive 50-200 per day. You’re much more likely to get a response if you use the comment section within the blog. Additionally, many of the questions overlap in subject, so please read through the comments and you might find what you are looking for. I aim to respond to as many as possible within 4 weeks. The best way to tell me what you think is to post a comment on the blog or contact me.